How it Works

Gloria Copeland

“Your faith cannot operate beyond your knowledge of God’s Word. That’s a large part of what these studies are about: getting the Word inside you.” —Gloria Copeland

We desire that you receive just the answer you need for your situation. Part of what makes these LifeLine kits so powerful is its unique structure, designed to give you total immersion in God’s Word concerning the specific topic you’re studying.

We encourage you to commit to making 10 days your days for renewing your mind. During those days, you’ll follow the simple layout of the kit, setting aside distractions and making adjustments in your life so you can get the most out of every moment.

Of course, for those with extremely busy schedules, the plans can be divided up into bite-sized pieces, and experienced over a longer period of time.

Make the LifeLine kit your starting point each day. Using the prompts inside, it will guide you each morning and night in reading, listening, meditating on scripture, watching and journaling. Before you know it, you’ll be saturating your life with God’s Word like never before.

As you use the enclosed materials, your study time will become intensely focused. You’ll soon find yourself thinking scripturally about your situation…a first major step to your complete victory!